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Scandal with Juan Di Natale: he refused to give a note to LAM and insulted the program’s chronicler


Juan Di Natale generated a scandal with the notary LAM (America TV) after wanting to be consulted about the abrupt end of his television program ‘The House is in order’ (El Nueve) and told everything to Alejandro Castelo. On the other hand, he also messed with Angel de Brito.

What happened to Juan Di Natale and LAM?

The reporter wanted to intercept the host with the program’s cameras to find out what happened to his cycle like other journalists did, and he reacted violently.

“You are a son of a bitch, an idiot. Do you want us to greet each other well? Don’t act rude because we are both going to be rude. That’s it, our thing is over, my love, that’s it,” the presenter began saying.

“You go with your little guy, go on. Pet… the little guy and don’t screw me anymore. What you did the other time was dirty so don’t fuck with me anymore, that’s it, ready, bye. Go to work,” continuous. And he added: “Well, then take it, you idiot. You came to see me.”

Then, Di Natale He left the place and when he returned, he faced Alejandro Castelo again: “Are you going to stay here? Bye, guys. Excuse me, but with this salami I can’t work here.”

There, the notero answered him spicy: “Skinny, change it down.” And Juan attacked: “What’s the change, idiot*? What’s the change, moron*? What’s the change, forr*? I don’t give a damn about change. I’m not talking to you well, come out, get out of here. Take it from here, Salame.”

“No one did anything to you. You’re insulting here. Who do you think you are, idiot?” the driver retorted. “Who do I think I am? I’m the idiot you came looking for today. That’s who I am”reacted Di Natale.

It turns out that this conflict between Juan Di Natale and LAM (America TV) would come from that moment where Alejandro Castelo wanted to interview him to ask him about an outburst The Black Vernaci on the radio, and things seem to have gone bad.

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