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Scandal with Karina La Princesita in Santa Fe: “They ask for their money back”


Karina The little Princess Tejeda was embroiled in controversy after a presentation in Santa Fe.

Journalist Juan Etchegoyen released the information with sources who were present at the musical event. ““Fans of the singer are denouncing her for non-compliance with her actions and fraud.”the driver began by saying. “Miter Live”. And continued: “The show had to start at 9 p.m. and it only started at 1 in the morning. The audience that has contacted me is really hot”.

Karina The Little Princess
Karina The Little Princess

“The place was open, there was only one tent where people were sheltering from the cold, but it was saturated and many people ended up leaving. These people are asking for their money back,” Etchegoyen added.

“Obviously there were also people who were there very early, even people who traveled from other provinces to see it. ‘They scammed people in their good faith, regardless of everything’“revealed the driver after referring to one of the audios they sent him.

Eugenia Schlatterpanelist of the cycle Busybodies (NET TV) stated in “Miter Live”: “I arrived with my friends before 9 at night to the complex where the recital was being held, but Karina only arrived at 1 in the morning and I decided to leave at midnight because my fingers were already blue from the cold. It is a lack of respect about Karina and her team and they also tell me that This is part of the modus operandi because it has already happened elsewhere”.

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