SEAN HANNITY: Biden in hiding as he preps for presidential debate in ‘friendly territory’

SEAN HANNITY: Biden in hiding as he preps for presidential debate in ‘friendly territory’

Fox News host Sean Hannity previews the upcoming CNN Presidential Debate between President Biden and former President Trump and says there will be no scripts, so Biden will have to ‘rely on his memory.’

SEAN HANNITY: Joe now of course, five plus days and counting, he’s been in hiding. Apparently, the president of your country is not able to perform his regular duties, the duties of his job, while also preparing for a 90-minute debate in friendly territory on fake news CNN. At least 16 aides are helping Biden prepare with mock debates and strategy sessions. Also, according to reports, Biden’s intensive, week-long debate prep at Camp David also includes exercises where Biden practices standing up for a whole 90 minutes straight. That would be the length of the debate. Now, of course, we don’t know everything that’s happening at Camp David, and many Americans believe that Biden could be taking some kind of performance-enhancing drugs to help his ailing memory and his poor stamina. Now, Trump called on Joe Biden to take a drug test. He said he’d do the same. 


Now today’s flash poll on shows a vast majority of our viewers believe that it’s going to be a jacked up, hyper-caffeinated Joe that’s going to show up at Thursday’s debate like the State of the Union, not the usual cognitive mess Joe. You can still vote at We’ll show you the results coming up at the end of the show. Now, of course, we haven’t seen jacked up hyper-caffeinated Joe since the supercharged, angry, yelling, screaming State of the Union address where he barely blinked and motored through his script in record time, didn’t even give the speaker of the House time to introduce him. Unfortunately for Joe, there will be no scripts at Thursday’s debate. He will have to rely on his memory. Luckily for Biden, he will probably get some help from the so-called moderators. Fake Dana Bash, fake Jake Tapper…our two left-wing Democratic talk show hosts that hate Donald Trump. 

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