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Sebastián Wainraich spoke about his arrival at El Trece with a late night show: “I am very motivated”


Sebastian Wainraich He confirmed that he will have his own program on El Trece in the coming months, and advanced some details.

The actor spoke with Angel de Brito in Angel Responds (Bondi)and said: “I’m going to make a late night show in El Trece. I’m very happy“.

What will Sebastián Wainraich’s program be like?

“At first I hesitated, the famous ‘I didn’t feel it’, but now my mood has changed and I’m very motivated and I want to do it. I’m going to do the program that I want to do the most, but not because I’m rebellious, but because it’s what I know how to do.” , he explained Wainraich.

At the same time, in dialogue with The nationthe comedian added more details: “From Monday, June 3, I start a late night, after Guido Kaczka. We have not yet decided on the name or who will accompany me, although it will be rotating“.

I will do a short monologue and chat with a guest, plus the people who will appear on the program. It caught me at a good professional and personal moment, it had been a long time since I did television and I thought I was not going to come back,” he analyzed.

“It is a medium that I respect a lot but not in a solemn way, I want to have fun and I hope it goes well doing what I want to do because it is a format that I love,” he concluded. Sebastian Wainraich about his arrival The thirteen.

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