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Sebastián Wainraich was captivated by Benjamín Vicuña and wanted to give him a kiss


Benjamin Vicuña was interviewed by Sebastian Wainraichwho was seduced by the actor’s charms. However, when he kissed her, he didn’t know how to react.

In the middle of the interview Turn and a half (Urbana Play), the comedian complimented the Chilean: “You’re lovely, it makes me angry. You saw that you know him and after 10 seconds you want to give him a kiss“.

Let’s give each other a kiss“, the ex-partner of the China Suarez. Then, the driver stopped and, when he went to kiss him, he didn’t cheer up and ended up giving him a hug.

For that reason, the announcer called him out: “Look how he wrinkled.” And Benjamín took the opportunity to tell him: “The last one was with Julio Chávez” in The Faker.

Finally, Vicuña used all his seduction strategies and made Wainraich believe that he is a fan of the same soccer team as him: “My team here in Argentina is Atlanta.” “Now you have to give him a kick,” said Adrián Suar, his teammate. Congratulationsso Sebastian joked: “Now I’ll fuck you”.

What is Benjamín Vicuña’s relationship with Pampita like?

Benjamín Vicuña and Pampita were seen together again after a clothing brand hired them to be in a Chilean commercial.

To the beat of “Bamboleo” by Gipsy Kingthe ex-couple showed their good vibes between them despite the various turbulences they suffered over the years after the actor’s infidelity.

In Show Partners (El Trece), Rodrigo Lussich revealed: “An advertisement that they recorded together, where they dance and laugh, just came out on TV and on the networks in Chile”.

For her part, Paula Varela stated: “In Chile they could never let go of this couple, Benjamín’s great wife for Chile is Pampita, that relationship remained there immaculate. “They didn’t have that affinity with China Suárez.”


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