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Selena Gomez bit into a cake with her boyfriend’s photo and it went viral: “They did witchcraft on her, there is no other explanation”


Selena Gomez published a series of photos celebrating the release of her boyfriend, the producer and singer’s new cookbook Benny Blanco, Open Wide. However, one of the postcards was the one that caught the attention of many and became a trend on the internet.

“So proud of @itsbennyblanco – Open Wide is now on sale!!!”wrote the singer “Love On”, 31 years old, along with a photo that showed her dying a cake with the shape and decoration of Benny’s new book. What caught everyone’s attention was that in the image, Selena suggestively bit the photo in the part that showed the crotch of the 36-year-old American musician, singer-songwriter and music producer.

Selena Gomez cake Benny Blanco
Selena Gomez, suggestive with a cake with the image of her boyfriend, Benny Blanco

The next slide showed a beaming Gomez sitting next to Blanco as they looked at the cake. Benny put his arms around his girlfriend in the final photo. “Life is better when I’m with you”the singer wrote in response to Selena’s publication.

Blanco also republished snapshots on his Instagram Stories who celebrated the launch of Open Wide.

Although there is a large number of fans and the general public that supports Selena and her current relationship, the truth is that another large portion does not view the singers’ union favorably. “They did witchcraft to Selena Gomnez, there is no other explanation,” wrote a user whose tweet went viral.

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