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Setback for Kolstads Johannessen – worried about the Olympics


Kolstad’s Gøran Johannessen during the final for men in the National Championship in handball between Kolstad and Elverum in Sør Amfi in February. Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Of NTB | 15.04.2024 07:13:10

Sport: The 29-year-old has been struggling with an inflammation of the Achilles tendon since December, and he made a reduced appearance in the EC in January.

Johannessen has been matched cautiously in recent months.

The goal has always been the playoffs, and I’ve worked pretty hard towards that. Then we were going to drive me a bit towards the Haslum match (the last series match, journ.anm.), and I had two handball sessions at a fairly calm intensity leading up to it. It went pretty well given the conditions. And then it went extremely badly against Haslum, he adds Address newspaper.

He is unsure of where he stands.

– Maybe it’s just a short setback, maybe I’ll be in the playoffs. Or maybe not. It is very difficult for me to answer. I have not had Achilles problems before, and I also think that doctors and physios are a little unsure of what to do, he says.

He also admits that he is worried about the Olympics.

– Yes. There will be an Olympic Games there in not too long, and of course I want to be there. And of course I feel an uncertainty as to whether I will be physically ready or injury-wise ready when there is so little time left.

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