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Seven fires and car fires in one day in the same Oslo area


The fire service at Kjelsås night to Friday. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Of NTB | 07.06.2024 02:32:59

Accidents and natural disasters: According to the Oslo police, something was set on fire under a car.

– This was extinguished before it spread to the car. This appears to be another attempt to start a fire in a vehicle, says operations manager Bjørn Gunnar Nysæter.

Late on Thursday evening, the emergency services responded to a car fire in Kjelsås.

– The fire in the vehicle has been extinguished. It was parked outside. It is suspected that the fire was set, reported the operations centre.

NTB’s photographer observed on the night of Friday that the police entered a staircase in a block in the area.

– We control a number of people. Residents follow closely. We receive a number of tips on movements in the area. It is such a case, the operations manager tells NTB.

– The police are investigating the fires, which are seen in context. The police take these fires in densely built-up areas very seriously, said section leader Thomas Stange at the investigation section of the Oslo police in a statement.

On Friday night, the police urged residents in the area around the fire scenes to move in or go home because it made their work difficult.

There are no specific suspects or arrests in the case, the operations manager told NTB.

The police stated on Thursday that they were taking the five car fires seriously. The first message came at 2.15, and the last just before 9 in the morning.


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