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She poisoned her husband with cookies after being abused by him; faces life imprisonment, they ask for mercy for her

The case of a woman in Welpeup, Australiahas been classified as an act of heroism after the woman poisoned her partner with lemon cookies, after the man who was 25 years older for her to beat and emotionally control her for years.

In accordance with The Mirror, Rebecca Payne43, faces life in prison after being found guilty of murdering her husband Noel Payne68, and keep his body in a freezer in a small town northwest of Victoria, Australia.

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However, after being arrested, The woman’s lawyers and neighbors have asked the authorities for mercy on the woman due to “unspeakable acts of family violence” that lived.

Neighbors of the woman, who was nicknamed the “Cookie Monster”have defended Rebecca before the Supreme Court of Victoriacataloging her as a heroine after experiencing domestic violence for 14 years.

$! Despite the fact that the authorities classify the woman as guilty, hundreds of people have come to her defense

Despite the fact that the authorities classify the woman as guilty, hundreds of people have come out in her defense

“He lived for 14 years in hell with a monster. The children need it. The community needs it. We all need it”her son Jamie told the Herald Sun.

“I just hope they go easy on her and are forgiving of what she’s been through.” added.

The events occurred in 2020 when, her ex-partner Noel ate two lemon-flavored cookies that Rebecca had mixed with temazepam (sleeping pills).

However, he told the jury that his intention was not to kill him, but to put him to sleep.

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After realizing that her partner’s body no longer showed vital signs, she proceeded to wrap her body in a blanket and stored it in a freezer chest in the backyard of her house.

Despite the fact that the authorities classify the woman as guilty, hundreds of people have come to her defense.

“Bec is a very good person and he really did not deserve everything that happened to him in life”neighbor Rhonda McGee told ABC Australia.

While another woman, who testified through a letter read by the court, described how Noel forced her to have sex without consent, controlled her money and “hit her in the face” while living with the family, as well as forcing Payne to tattoo his name on more than one occasion.

The woman, whose identity has been withheld, said her life was “better” now that he was dead after the man brought her home to have sex with her.

For his part, lawyer Edney condemned in court the actions that Noel would have caused his client and asked for fair treatment for Rebecca.

“Noel Payne, the late, created in this town of Walpeup, in western Victoria, a perverted and disturbing moral universe, where he treated the women of that house as mere objects and chattels for his own pleasure.”said.

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