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Slovakia’s prime minister back after assassination attempt


Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, who was assassinated on 15 May, hopes to partially resume work by the end of June. This photo is from when he attended the EU summit in Brussels in February. Photo: AP / NTB

Of NTB | 06/05/2024 18:33:13

Crime and justice: 59-year-old Fico was hit by several shots during the assassination, including in the stomach.

The injuries were described as life-threatening, and the same day he underwent a five-hour operation. A few days later he had to go on the operating table again.

On Wednesday, he shared a video on Facebook in which he says he forgives the 71-year-old poet and the security guard who shot him. The perpetrator’s motive is still not clear, but it is believed to have been political.

– It is time to take the first step, and that is forgiveness. I don’t feel any hatred towards the stranger who shot me, he says in the video.

Fico also says that he hopes to be able to partially resume his work as prime minister by the end of June.

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