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Sofía Pachano spoke about the uprising of Cocineros Argentinos de la TV Pública: “It hurt me”


Sofia Pachano rShe broke the silence and not only spoke about her future as an actress in the theater, but also referred to the uprising of Argentine Cooks of Public TVa program in which she was a host for a time.

The daughter of Aníbal Pachano will be part of school of rock which will be released on June 20th which will be released on June 20th in the Gran Rex Theater. The work will have as protagonists Agustín Aristarán and Angela Leiva.

“I am very excited to be part of this incredible family show that is going to be School of Rock. There are a lot of us, we are a huge family,” expressed in dialogue with Firsts Now.

In addition, he stressed that he is in a great moment in his career: “I come with a beautiful, very privileged chain of musicals. I come from doing Kinky Boots, now I’m going to do School of Rock. A great year for me who is a fan of musical comedies.”

About Patty DiMarcothe character he will play in the play, explained: “I’m the bad guy in School of Rock. I’m going to yell at Mr. Radagast a lot, I’m the one who kicks him out of the apartment and forces him to pay the rent. I play Santi Otero’s girlfriend. She’s like the rigid one, she’s like the next one to say ‘we’re grown up’. Very happy to be the bad guy for the first time, because I always play the good guy.

What did Sofía Pachano say about the Cocineros Argentinos uprising?

The actress was consulted about the country’s economic situation and the cuts in culture by Javier Milei’s government: “I believe that culture is always a response to the crisis. When you are not well and you have a little money, coming to consume culture makes you leave in a different way. The truth is that the producers are betting a lot. There is “There are a lot of productions at the moment, big musicals with great artists on Corrientes Street. That the public is accompanying us is very appreciated.”

“They always cut culture first. I understand the crisis. The reality is that for me it is the other way around. Luckily, there are many private producers, like here, who continue to bet on art and all of our work,” he added.

On the other hand, he talked about how he felt after the uprising Argentine Chefs from Public TV: “It hurt me. I spent a year hosting it. It was a program that did not affect the ratings, and it was a national cycle. It had been on for fifteen years, imagine, I’m 35 years old, I watched it from that moment on. Cooks from all over the country, stoves on throughout the country, but it will surely come back at some point, it will come back.

Finally, Sofia Pachano He clarified if he would like to drive on television again: “Yes, I would love to, it was a beautiful experience, I hope it can be repeated.”

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