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Sounding the alarm about safety – Norwegian power plants must be secured better


The power grid in Norway can be attacked with missiles and drones from Russian territory, according to the Norwegian Defense Research Institute. Now the Conservative Party is calling for increased security. Here we see the Grønvollfoss power plant in Notodden. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Of NTB | 10.06.2024 05:23:02

Economy and business: – The entire power grid in Norway can be attacked with missiles and drones from Russian territory. Such attacks can be carried out with very little warning time. This means that Russia could hit the power supply in an early phase of an armed attack, and this could have long-lasting consequences, writes the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI) in “The defense analysis 2024».

In May, Bård Ludvig Thorheim (H), a member of the energy and environment committee at the Storting, sent a written question to Energy Minister Terje Aasland (Ap). There he called for more measures from the government to strengthen security around the power supply in Norway, writes Today’s business.

Aasland replied, among other things, that the government has asked The Norwegian Power Supply’s emergency organization that “increased vigilance” must be introduced and that businesses take the situation very seriously.

– It both shocks and worries me that the government takes our energy security so lightly, says Thorheim to DN.

Thorheim demands that the energy minister instructs NVE, Statnett and the power sector to carry out preparedness measures and vulnerability analyses.

State Secretary Astrid Bergmål (Ap) in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy assures that the government takes safety seriously:

– We have a close dialogue with the services and have introduced increased vigilance around physical facilities and ICT in the power supply, says Bergmål.

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