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South Korea fired warning shots at the North – claims North Korean soldiers violated the border


A North Korean military post can be seen at the top of the picture and a South Korean military post at the bottom. The photo was taken from Paju in South Korea, close to the border. Photo: Ahn Young-joon / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 11.06.2024 04:03:00

Policy: According to South Korea, North Korean soldiers briefly crossed the heavily guarded border before retreating to the northern side of the border. South Korean soldiers responded by firing warning shots, the South Korean news agency reported on Tuesday, citing the South Korean General Staff.

The incident happened on Sunday, according to Yonhap and other South Korean media that have also covered the case, among them the Kukmin Ilbo newspaper.

According to the South Korean General Staff, it was a group of more than ten soldiers from North Korea who crossed the center line of the demilitarized zone that separates the two countries. It happened at 12.30 on Sunday, according to the information. South Korean forces issued a warning over loudspeakers and fired warning shots, which resulted in the North Korean soldiers immediately returning to their side of the border, according to the information from Seoul.

The General Staff of South Korea adds that no unusual activity was recorded after the warning shots.

– It is believed that the North Korean soldiers, who were equipped with pickaxes and other tools and were working, had crossed the border after making a mistake, says a spokesperson for the South Korean General Staff.

North Korean authorities had not commented on the case on Tuesday morning.

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