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South Korean intelligence believes North Korea is planning terrorist attacks against embassies


South Korea warns that North Korea is planning terrorist attacks against embassy staff and other citizens living abroad. Here, North Korean soldiers look towards the demilitarized zone between the two countries. Photo: Jung Yeon-je / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 05/03/2024 14:34:00

Crime and justice: South Korea’s intelligence service says it has seen more signs that North Korea is preparing attacks against South Korean citizens living abroad, including China and countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

– North Korea has sent agents to these countries to expand surveillance of South Korean embassies and has also undertaken activities such as searching for South Korean citizens who could be potential terrorist targets, said a statement sent to the AFP news agency.

The intelligence service believes this is connected to the large number of defectors from the North Korean social elite after the corona pandemic.

According to the South Korean authorities, 196 North Korean defectors crossed the border last year. Ten of these must belong to the social elite, for example diplomats.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry says it has raised the alert level for five of its foreign missions. This applies to the embassies in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as the consulates in the Russian port city of Vladivostok and the Chinese city of Shenyang.

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