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Southern Norway is now experiencing thunderstorms: – Very localized showers


If you live in Oslo, for example, it can rain at Majorstuen and be sunny at Tøyen, says on-duty meteorologist Charalampos Sarchosidis about the weekend’s expected rain showers. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Of NTB | 22.05.2024 12:59:33

Weather: – Bergen had a higher average temperature than Oslo in May. This will continue on Thursday and Friday. In the days ahead it may be a bit variable because of the rain showers, says meteorologist on duty Charalampos Sarchosidis to NTB.

Southern Norway not only has cooler temperatures in store for the next few days – thunderstorms and a lot of rainfall are also expected in a short time. Nevertheless, the summer heat will not disappear completely, as the temperature will still remain above 20 degrees.

– It is not a matter of autumnal prolonged rain. The thing about thunderstorms is that they are very localized showers. If you live in Oslo, for example, it can rain at Majorstuen and be sunny at Tøyen, says Sarchosidis.

A warning has been issued for a lot of lightning in parts of Eastern Norway and Southern Norway. The notice applies on Thursday evening.

Sarchosidis says that the mornings and forenoons can offer fine weather, but that the showers will come towards the afternoon. These showers are also expected at the beginning of next week.

– We keep the temperatures, but not the cloudless sky, says the meteorologist.

– These are expected summer temperatures that belong to the month of July, says Sarchosidis.

The warm weather also comes with a downside. At the moment, there is an orange danger warning for forest fires in Western Norway, and a yellow danger warning in Eastern and Southern Norway.

– Until there has been significant rainfall, we have danger warnings out. We should hope for enough rain to reduce the danger, says Sarchosidis.

– On Thursday it will be real summer weather, especially in Nordland, but it will be very yo-yo weather, says Sarchosidis.

From Bodø and northwards, the temperature will drop by 10–15 degrees over the next few days. A lot of wind is expected in Finnmark, and Friday will be autumnal, according to the meteorologist.

– The worst weather will be in northern Norway where temperatures will go up and down a lot, and the weather will be changeable, says the meteorologist.

However, higher temperatures are expected from Sunday to Tuesday.

– Then it will be a nice round of summer again, says Sarchosidis.

The hottest day this year was measured on 16 May, when Steinkjer measured a temperature of 28.3 degrees. As early as Thursday, Central Norway or Western Norway can beat this. It has been reported up to 29 degrees in several places.

The weather in the north has changed from summer weather to winter weather in recent days, and the yo-yo weather will continue in the days ahead.

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