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Sp profile Jenny Klinge gives herself to the Storting


Jenny Klinge has sat in the Storting for the Center Party since 2009. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Of NTB | 25.04.2024 20:12:21

Policy: On Thursday evening, the nomination committee in Møre og Romsdal Center Party received the message.

– I have been a representative in the Storting for 18 years when this period is over. It is as long as following a child from birth to adulthood! In total, I have 25 years in politics, so now I have made up my mind, but it has not been an easy decision, says Jenny Klinge to Driftwhich is the local newspaper in Indre Nordmøre.

Illness in close family has been an important factor, but the 48-year-old from Surnadal says she was already against giving up earlier.

Klinge has been a prominent justice politician for the Center Party and was deputy chairman of the justice committee in the Storting in 2017–2021. In the last term, she has sat on the business committee. Before she was given a permanent seat in the Storting in 2009, Klinge was a permanent representative for two years.

In recent years, the 48-year-old has distinguished himself as a conservative voice in the debate about conversion therapy and gender identity.


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