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Spaniards concerned about housing problems ahead of local elections

On the eve of the municipal and regional elections this Sunday, May 28, 2023, one of the main issues of concern for voters is housing. A subject that largely depends on the municipalities and regions. The difficulty in finding accommodation is the subject of a new law which has just come into force, which provides in particular for the construction of social housing, and the penalization of empty housing for owners.

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With our correspondent in Madrid, Francois Musseau

Housing is increasingly a source of concern, even for many a nightmare. Life is more expensive every time and, in terms of housing, it is 5% more than in 2022. Purchases are at a standstill, or almost. Renting is becoming less and less affordable.

Cristine, a secondary school teacher, is aware of this: “ It’s expensive, it’s inaccessible for the youngest. It is increasingly inaccessible for seniors who have to repay mortgages at variable rates. And me, this situation seems shameful to me, it is a fundamental right to which we should all have access, like the right to a job. »

Gentrification of the capital

There is much talk in Madrid of gentrification with the departure to the suburbs of entire populations who no longer have the means to afford the prohibitive rents of the city centers. As Maria, a saleswoman in the Mango clothing store, near the Gran Via boulevard, saw in her flesh: “ I am in a relationship and we live together. But the subject is so serious that if I wanted to go and live alone, it would be completely impossible for me. With a normal salary, it’s impossible to live alone, you have to share whether you like it or not. »

Maria describes disastrous psychological consequences for all her friends in their thirties: depression, anxiety attacks, stress. With the new national law in hand, mayors and regional presidents will have to tackle this scourge very seriously.

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