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Special grave with dozens of skeletons from the fifteenth century found in Rottum | Interior

Archaeologists have come across a cemetery in Rottum that probably dates from the fifteenth century, writes RTV North. So far, 31 skeletons have been found and a significant portion of the site has yet to be excavated.

According to the regional broadcaster, the skeletons were accidentally discovered during work on the Kloosterweg.

Archaeologists are pleased with the condition of the skeletons. “They are still very intact. The bodies were enclosed in clay, so no oxygen could reach them,” he quotes RTV North.

Skeletons of women, men and children have been found. Pieces of textile and metal were also found.

Since the discovery, the site has been secured with fences and cameras. The researchers expect to need a few more weeks to dig through the rest of the site. Once the investigation is complete, the skeletons will be re-buried at a location yet to be determined

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