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Spekter is critical of the opposition’s NTP package


Trond Helleland (H), flanked by Mona Fagerås (SV) and Geir Jørgensen (R) in the walking hall in the Storting, where they briefed on agreement related to projects in connection with the National Transport Plan 2025–2036. Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Of NTB | 06.06.2024 12:23:11

Economy and business: The National Transport Plan (NTP) is a plan for transport both by road, rail, sea and air in Norway. SV has joined forces with Høyre, Frp, Rødt, Venstre and KrF to get more projects into the NTP plan, which will apply from 2026 to 2036.

Spekter organizes transport operators such as Bane Nor and Vy. They say they supported the government’s move towards a stronger focus on maintenance. But as long as the funding for the new projects is not ready, they fear that the package that was put forward will exceed the maintenance investment.

– Where politicians want brand new roads and railway lines, most people want better maintenance of the infrastructure we already have, says managing director Anne-Kari Bratten in Spekter.

– Lack of maintenance costs Norway dearly. With a better maintenance effort from the authorities, the Randklev bridge could have been flood-proofed before the extreme weather arrived. In fact, a hundred bridges could be flood-proofed for the price of one bridge that needs to be rebuilt, says Bratten in an email to NTB.

– We fear the result will once again be that money is taken from the maintenance of national roads and railways, she says.

* Ringeriksbanen will be built together with the new E16 Skaret-Hønefoss. The government had wanted to take the Ringeriksbanen out of the project.

* Double track Stokke-Sandefjord on the Vestfold Line in the first six-year period, a project that was not prioritized by the government.

* More money for county roads.

* Acceleration of capacity-increasing work on the Ofot line.

* Starting national highway 19 Moss during the planning period 2025–2036.

* Start up the new Majorstuen station in Oslo in the first part of the planning period.

* Starting national highway 15 Strynefjellet including branch to Geiranger in the first part of the planning period.

In the agreement, the parties have agreed on the following projects:

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