Spicy cross between Florencia Regidor and Florencia Cabrera by Nicolás Grosman

Spicy cross between Florencia Regidor and Florencia Cabrera by Nicolás Grosman

Florence Regidor crossed to Florencia Cabrera of Big Brother (Telefe) after referring to the relationship he has with Nicolás Grosman and lack of parental approval of the same.

On his visit to A la Barbarossa (Telefe), the former participant took advantage of the fact that Antonella was a guest and asked her about the couple’s wedding: “I wanted to ask you, taking advantage of the fact that both families are there, if you both agree with the marriages. “It’s a little spicy there, I don’t know if everyone likes couples.”

Then, they both laughed knowingly and Nico’s mother responded: “You are bad. I do, totally. I want Nico to get married there, for Flor to go and may they all be happy and content. And if I can be the godmother too.”

There is something with Luchi also with Nico“Or was it always there?” the model retorted. Therefore, she expressed: “I think they are friends with Luchi.”

For that reason, Lío Pecoraro intervened and said: “I have never heard you say that it is a divine Flower.” “Now I tell you that she is divine because I spoke with her, she is very polite, she apologized and that is worth a lot,” he concluded, throwing cold cloths.

After this dialogue, Regidor dedicated a hot post to Cabrera in X: “Get into your relationship, If something happens with Luchi, our problem. Go with Damcer (Damián César Moya) and don’t break his balls.” And he added: “Then he cries and says that we bully him.”

Spicy cross between Florencia Regidor and Florencia Cabrera by Nicolás Grosman
Florencia Regidor vs. Florencia Cabrera

Florencia Regidor about her bad relationship with Nicolás Grosman’s parents

Florencia Regidor burst into tears when talking about her bond with Nicolás Grosman’s parentswith whom he began a relationship in Big Brother (Telefe).

While the little sister was still inside the house, the participant’s parents made clear their displeasure towards their romance. They have even uploaded a series of videos on the model’s Instagram account that left her in a bad light.

Then, the model exposed in A la Barbarossa (Telefe): “Why don’t they love me? “They don’t know me, but I would like them to at least give me the opportunity.”

In addition, she recalled through tears some statements from Nico’s friends: “The father didn’t ask for forgiveness, we had talked and he only explained to me that it was a game but it’s like I saw everything again and said ‘Why do I deserve to be called trollence?’, when I always took care of him“.

Finally, he made reference to the last clip they uploaded on their networks: “They put together edits of everything we did while we were playing where I spoke to him in a way, not bad, that we were laughing our asses off and they distorted it and put a photo of Nicolás crying“.


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