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Strong increase in new wolverine litters in Norway


The wolf population in Norway continues to decline, according to Rovdata. Illustration photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Of NTB | 22.05.2024 15:49:33

Nature and environment: Predator data has sent over its annual letter to the Norwegian Environment Agency with a summary of the status of the largest predators in Norway.

It states that in 2023, 64 wolverine litters were registered, an increase of 19 litters compared to the previous year.

– The stock is above the national stock target of 39 annual wolverine cubs that the Storting has decided, says responsible Henrik Brøseth in Rovdata.

Nine of the wolverine litters were removed by so-called hiuttak, where the bitch and/or puppy(s) were euthanized by the administration.

On Tuesday, it became known that the decline in the number of wolves continues. The population is monitored in winter in both Norway and Sweden, and this winter 74 to 76 wolves have been detected. During the winter from October to March, five litters of puppies were detected in the all-Norwegian wolf dens, an increase of two from the previous winter. At the same time, three litters were detected in the border areas, a decrease of three from the previous winter.

178 brown bears were documented in Norway last year, the same level as the year before.

The number of lynxes, documented in the winter of 2022/2023, shows a number of 71.5 family groups of lynxes. A family group consists of a female lynx that goes with one or more yearlings.

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