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Super Bulls! The Laguna team takes away the undefeated record from Dorados de Chihuahua

Toros Laguna offered a round match last night at the Municipal Auditorium, to beat the Dorados de Chihuahua with a score of 107 points to 90, in a duel corresponding to matchday 8 of the Chihuahua State Basketball League.

The Red Stampede played by note, with intensity on defense and offense, quick breaks and an inspired night for Josué Andriassi, who had his best performance of the season. For their part, the fans played a fundamental role, pressing the rival throughout the match and cheering for the points scored by the home team, to fully enjoy the victory achieved against a team that arrived undefeated and was vastly outclassed.


Coach Facundo Murías sent Josh Ibarra, Josué Andriassi, Puerto Rican Jorge Torres, Daniel Bejarano and Iván Montano from Veracruz as starters for the home team, a lineup characterized by speed and good hand in shooting from the perimeter. For his part, Pablo García put Israel Gutiérrez, Kohl Meyer, Alejandro Villanueva, Gary Ricks and Dwayne Morgan on the court, a team with greater height and tremendous dynamics in offense and defense.

The first quarter was played with great intensity, Montano opened the scoring with an accurate three-pointer, but the visitors immediately answered with a three-pointer from the corner, courtesy of Villanueva, to give way to twelve minutes of speed and continuous attacks. Josh Ibarra imposed his strength on the boards and grabbed a good number of rebounds, while Andriassi appeared in the attack to lead the attack, for his part, the Chihuahuans tried too many three-pointers and were unsuccessful, which the home team took advantage of to recover rebounds , score points and take a 27-21 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Dorados began the second period with the desire to immediately come back against a Red Stampede that began the period with baskets from Alberto Cruz to get a little more detached, but three-pointers from Ricks and Marco Ramos that came off the bench, sparked the coach’s concern Murías, who requested a time out to adjust his pieces. The adjustment worked, as Bejarano re-carburized and Jorge Torres began his particular show, shooting baskets from the perimeter, in fast breaks and even had the pleasure of dunking a ball after Ibarra’s assist, unleashing a real party in the auditorium stands. who saw his Bulls go to the dressing room with an advantage of 61 points to 45.


For the third period, the visitors renewed their spirits and began their three-point attempts wisely, with Morgan and the fiery Villanueva leading the Dorados offense, ready to row against the current. However, the Astados were never intimidated by the good offensive evolution of Dorados and responded with points to each attack, the excitement reaching its peak in an explosive play of alley oop, in the combination of Montano with Jorge Torres, author of a spectacular dunk that reflected the confidence with which the home team was playing, which allowed them to finish the third quarter with the lead at the sound of 88 to 69.

The Dorados tried to respond in the last quarter with the points per game leader, Gary Ricks, who put his contribution into good individual plays and even got a technical foul that yielded 5 points for the visitors, seeking to overcome a gap that every minute it got bigger. And it is that the inspiration of Andriassi, Torres and Ibarra remained until the end of the game, with triples that did not stop falling and that caused the despair of the leaders of the LBE, whose faces reflected a countenance that they had not shown in the entire season, as they were clearly outmatched until the game ended with a score of 107 points to 90, before the celebration of the local fans.

The leader in scoring for the Bulls was Boricua Jorge Torres, who scored 20 points and excelled with five dunks, while Josué Andriassi and Iván Montano scored 19, while Josh Ibarra contributed 16. For Dorados, Alejandro Villanueva stood out with 18 units, all products of shots from three, Gary Ricks added 13 and Marco Ramos did his thing, with 12 points.


With everything and such a significant victory, the Astados assured that it was enjoyed, but that in no way implies an early final or any reason to exceed their confidence for the rest of the campaign. During the press conference after the game, coach Facundo Murías assured that his team played at the level that had been worked on during training sessions and that although the victory could help them gain respect from their rivals, Toros is already Thinking about the confrontation against Indios, in which they will seek to stay on the path of victory.


The Bulls will return tonight to the Municipal Auditorium to receive the Indios de Ciudad Juárez, in a duel corresponding to matchday 9 of the season and in which the Asados ​​will seek to continue climbing positions. For their part, the Dorados will return home to receive the Indomables of Ciudad Juárez at the Manuel Bernardo Aguirre gym, in the last commitment for all the LBE teams, ahead of the All-Star Game to be held this Sunday in the capital of the Big State.


the Bulls accumulate in the current season, which is about to reach the middle of their calendar.

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