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SV with two concrete demands in the revised negotiations


SV demands a sharp increase in the CO2 tax and a new electricity tax to use power from land to electrify the platforms in the negotiations on the revised national budget. The picture is of party leader Kirsti Bergstø (front) and fiscal spokesperson Kari Elisabeth Kaski. Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

Of NTB | 29.05.2024 03:33:01

Nature and environment: Negotiations on the revised national budget start on Thursday. SV brings two concrete demands into the negotiations, writes Aftenposten.

There is a sharp increase in the CO2 tax, as well as a new electricity tax for using electricity from land to electrify the platforms.

The CO2 tax for oil and gas installations and land plants is NOK 761 per tonne of CO2 today. SV will more than double this, to NOK 2,000. SV believes the fees should force investments in offshore wind on the continental shelf from the oil companies.

SV’s goal is for the industry itself to foot the entire bill for electrifying the shelf.

Previous negotiations on a revised state budget ended in anger and disappointment, but SV will not issue an ultimatum.

– We never do that. It is a very poor negotiation strategy. But we have shown through the last few years of budget negotiations that we get a big impact, says Kari Elisabeth Kaski, SV’s fiscal policy spokesperson.

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