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Switzerland, with Nemo as its representative, won the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest


The swiss Nemo won on Saturday Eurovision Song Contest 2024becoming the first artist who identifies as non-binary to do so, in a contest marked by controversy after the expulsion of the representative of the Netherlands, Joost Kleinand the discontent of some with the participation of Israel.

Who won Eurovision 2024

The song “The Code”of Nemo24 years old, obtained the highest score from the countries’ juries and enough popular votes to win 591 points, beating Croatia in the final, held in the Swedish city of Malmo. In this way, she takes over from the Swedish Loreen

“I hope this contest lives up to its promises and continues to uphold peace and dignity for all people in this world,” Nemo declared, his eyes filling with tears as he received the trophy.

Nemo’s journey towards realizing his non-binary gender identity served as inspiration for the very personal winning entry. “‘The Code’ is about the journey I began when I realized that I am neither a man nor a woman,” Nemo stated.

Baby Lasagna, from Croatia, came in second place with 547 points. Nemo, along with Croatia and Israel, was one of the bookmakers’ favorites to win the contest followed around the world by millions of lovers of pop sounds… and kitsch shows.

Twenty-five countries competed on Saturday, but much of the attention focused on the controversy over Israel’s participation. When the Israeli contestant Eden Golan, 20 years old, took the stage to perform his “Hurricane“, both cheers and boos were heard from the Malmo Arena audience.

Boos were also heard as Israel gave its points to other performances and whenever a country awarded high scores to “Hurricane“. In total, from the jury, Israel obtained 52 points. However, those who booed remained completely silent to the surprise of the Israel got 323 from the public (rest of the world, including non-participating countries), coming in first place in the first instance.

Israel 375 public vote Eurovision
The votes Israel received from the public around the world
Final votes for Swiss winner Eurovision 2024
Final numbers with Switzerland as the winning country of Eurovision 2024

Why Joost Klein was expelled from Eurovision

Joost Klein was kicked out of the music festival before the final for having had a violent attitude with a member of the production team. Previously, he had had a confrontation with a photographer and had been hostile during a press conference.

Swedish police have investigated a complaint made by a female member of the production team following an incident after his performance in Thursday night’s semifinal,” said the European Broadcasting Union In a statement referring to the reason for the expulsion of Joost Kleinrepresentative of Netherlands. And they added: “While the legal process takes its course, it would not be appropriate for it to continue in the Contest.”

Joost Klein
Joost Klein

On the other hand, the Swedish police informed the AFP who had questioned a man for alleged intimidation. “The crime was committed at the Malmo stadium on Thursday night,” said police spokesman Pelle Vamstad.

This incident has nothing to do with his attitude towards other delegations, according to the EBUin reference above all to the histility that the singer showed when he was placed next to the Israeli participant during a press conference.

At the press conference after the second semi-final, Klein repeatedly covered his face with a Dutch flag and made hostile comments when placed next to the Israeli contestant. Eden Golan, only 20 years old, who has been the target of threats and violent attitudes from third parties due to his origin. Despite the malicious questions from some journalists, Eden responded in the most polite and calm way, contrary to the actions of other contestants.

What happened to Eden Golan at Eurovision

Police pushed back protesters outside the stadium, where more than a hundred protesters, led by Greta Thunberg, waved flags and chanted “Free Palestine” as well as chanting in support of the terrorist group Hamas. Police confirmed using pepper spray and subsequently cleared the plaza in front of the stadium.

Diverse Malmo is home to the country’s largest community of Palestinian origin and, according to police, at least 5,000 people gathered to protest in the city in the afternoon. Some tried to get to Eden, which is why the 20-year-old girl had to stay inside the hotel at the request of the authorities, to protect her integrity.

The European Broadcasting Union, which oversees the competition, confirmed Golan’s participation in March, despite requests for exclusion from thousands of musicians around the world.

That same month, contestants from nine countries, including Nemo, called for a lasting ceasefire. But the Palestinian jihadist terrorist group Hamas not only rejected the request but since October 7, 2023, it has launched missiles towards Israel daily.

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