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Tamara Pettinato, blunt in the face of criticism for her nomination at the Martín Fierro


Tamara Pettinato She was once again nominated to win the 2024 Martín Fierro Radio Awards and the criticism began again.

On this occasion, Roberto Pettinato’s daughter was nominated in the category Best Entertainment Column and several of her colleagues did not agree because she is not received as a journalist.

For this reason, he made his defense in Radio With You: “The shortlist is an entertainment column, not an entertainment journalist. All the dirty paws that jumped like cockatoos, but please. Go wash your paws. In the face of Fortune saying ‘you were wrong.'”

“Aside from that, it’s like the fourth time I’ve been in the same category and they do the same thing every year. I think I have to win and make things worse“, concluded Tamara Pettinato harshly.

What Luis Ventura said about the criticism of the Martín Fierro family

Luis Ventura got upset with Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares after they again criticized the Martín Fierro Latino edition held in Miami in 2023.

Although the journalist is characterized as a person who quickly gets upset, when someone attacks APTRA is when it affects him the most. For this reason, when the chronicler of Show Partners (Thirteen) asked him: “How are you?” He could not contain his anger.

Except when the Members catch me, I’m fine. I think they envy me“They cannot take the Ventura step, they did not work with Panam, with Moria,” stated the President of the institution, recalling his career.

Finally, Luis Ventura resorted to irony and referred to the play they are doing: “They want me to go see them at the theater and since I don’t go, they punish me. Maybe they need my presence.” And he concluded about Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares: “I am disgusted with them because I worked with both of them. They will always look for the bad”.


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