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tax reform, pillar of Gabriel Boric’s program, challenged by deputies

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In Chile, it’s a blow for President Gabriel Boric. The deputies this week rejected one of its flagship reforms: that of taxes. However, this reform was the pillar of the ambitious reform project of the left-wing government and aimed to collect 10 billion euros over four years to improve the pension system, the health system or to allocate more grants to the regions. Major projects promised by Gabriel Boric during his presidential campaign, but which now seem difficult to achieve following the rejection of the tax reform

with our correspondent in Santiago, Naila Derroisne

And it was decided by a few votes, the government needed 78 votes for the project to be debated in the Assembly, it obtained 73…

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Were on the menu of this first part of the reform: the fight against tax evasion and the establishment of a tax on large fortunes.

The Chilean right voted “against”, citing bad timing. According to her, with the risk of recession and decline threatening the Chilean economy, this is not the time to take money, we should rather focus on investment and growth.

The President of the Senate, a member of the presidential coalition, meanwhile declared that the country could not claim to achieve a level of well-being like that of Switzerland… while paying taxes like in Africa. Chile is, in fact, one of the Latin American countries with the lowest tax rates.

With this reform, Gabriel Boric, who celebrates this weekend the first anniversary of his coming to power, could have funded half of its program. He will have to find another solution. As of this Friday, he is undertaking his second cabinet reshuffle in less than a year, on the eve of the anniversary of his coming to power.

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