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The anger of Ricardo Iorio’s daughter with the Gardel Awards for not paying tribute to him


The daughter of Ricardo Iorio expressed his annoyance after the organizers of the Gardel Awards they did not pay tribute to him to the musician who died on October 24, 2023.

The artist was known as one of the greatest exponents of Heavy Metal after having been the leader of Almafuerte, Hermética and V8. For that reason, Daiana Iorio He shared a post on his Instagram account in which he stated: “Gardel Awards, they lost their last opportunity to honor to the father of heavy metal”.

This is because the singer was only mentioned in the video where people who died in the last year are remembered and a special section was not dedicated to him to pay tribute to him. However, The artists and spectators who were in the Movistar Arena filled it with warm applause at that moment.

The post by Ricardo Iorio's daughter against the Gardel Awards
The post by Ricardo Iorio’s daughter against the Gardel Awards

Then, the young woman launched forcefully: “They showed the scourge that they never stopped being”and concluded: “The synarchy of music”. By this he meant that within this area, the influence would be on companies or people with a lot of power.

How Ricardo Iorio died

Ricardo Iorioleader of Strong soul and reference of heavy metal in Argentinadied on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. The singer was 61 years old.

“Juan Vitalini, Iorio’s lawyer, informs us that the musician died at the age of 61”they wrote from @fmrockandpopthrough Twitter (X), the radio broadcast that is dedicated to reporting on all the news of the famous musical genre. “We are very sorry for the death,” they added at the end of the publication.

According to his lawyer, the singer suffered a heart attack while being transported by ambulance, so they were unable to revive him on the way to the hospital.

Who was Ricardo Iorio

Ricardo Horacio Iorio was born on June 25, 1962 in Ciudadela, Tres de Febrero, in the city of Buenos Aires.. He was an Argentine musician and producer, and founder of the bands V8, Hermetic and Almafuerte. Over the years it became one of the main references of Argentine heavy metal.

The singer began his musical career as a bassist for V8group that founded Ricardo Chofa Moreno. After releasing three albums and being a success, they had some member changes and broke up in 1987.

However, the following year, in 1988, he formed Hermetic. There, he started out as a bassist and then became the main musical composer of the lyrics. After the great growth achieved, the band separated again in 1994.

In 1995, he decided to create Strong soulwhere he was a singer and bassist (until 2002), and in 2016 he announced that the band had come to an end.


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