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the atmosphere is contracting due to global warming

This is an effect of global warming that somewhat surprises scientists. The greenhouse effect induced by human emissions of greenhouse gases warms the climate, but paradoxically cools the upper part of the atmosphere.

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Like an onion, the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of many layers. We live in the troposphere, up to about fifteen kilometers above sea level, this is where most of the meteorological and climatic phenomena take place.

Because of the man, she warms up. With the greenhouse effect caused by our fossil gas emissions, the heat remains trapped there and diffuses less in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which therefore cool at a sustained rate. The temperature there decreases twice as fast as the troposphere heats up.

This is not good news, because in these upper layers there are climatic phenomena that are essential to the proper balance of the system. Very fast winds blow there for example, with an effect on the whole planet and it is today difficult to anticipate to what extent they will be disturbed by these changes.

This cooling has another effect: the cold air condenses. In other words, it takes up less space than hot air. As a result, our atmosphere contracts and shrinks. It has lost nearly a kilometer and a half over the past 20 years, but here too, this phenomenon is still poorly understood and its consequences remain to be studied with precision.

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