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The Auditor General criticizes Bane Nor for the train delays – not sustainable


Train traffic is often delayed and canceled as a result of faults in the infrastructure. Photo: Ørn E. Borgen / NTB

Of NTB | 30.05.2024 12:22:58

Economy and business: It appears in the National Audit Office’s report on Bane Nor, which was presented on Thursday.

– In 2023, every fourth passenger train and every third freight train were delayed or cancelled. It is much. In total, the number of delays or cancellations has increased by 8 percentage points since 2016. This amounted to 37,000 hours of delays last year, said Auditor General Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen when he presented the report.

– I think we must be able to say that it is not sustainable that the trains do not come and go as they should, the auditor-general continued.

“Critical” is the middle of three levels of criticism the National Audit Office operates with.

It particularly points to faults in the infrastructure as the main cause of the problems. It is Bane Nor’s responsibility.

The National Audit Office also goes out to the Ministry of Transport:

“It has been reported for several years about poor target achievement and an increased extent of delays and cancellations without the Ministry of Transport having implemented sufficient measures to achieve the targets,” the report states.

They also point to poor maintenance and lack of renewal of the railway infrastructure.

The report also states that Bane Nor has approximately NOK nine billion on its books, while the backlog on the railway is increasing and there will be more delays.


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