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The author of Patito Feo revealed everything about the intern between Alejandro Stoessel and Marcelo Tinelli


The author of Ugly Duckling He came out to talk after Tini Stoessel will destroy Marcelo Tinelli in defense of his father Alexander for a trial they had over the rights to the television hit.

After the repercussions on the networks, Show Partners (El Trece) interviewed Marcela Citterio and consulted her: “Were you surprised that Tinelli was seen as responsible for Stoessel’s exile?”. Then, without mincing words, she explained what happened at that time: “No, how will I be surprised if I was there when it happened. was the culprit“.

“When a man like Tinelli closes a door on you, he closed a door on you, not a small door,” he revealed, implying that the producer could not get a job in the media. Even, “When the news came out that Tini was going to be Violetta, the first thing I said was ‘how crazy that they didn’t lower her’ being Alejandro’s daughter”.

In this way, Paula Varela stated: “What she says is that they couldn’t lower it because it was Disney otherwise they would have lowered it.” Therefore the author assured: “Yes, but she never ceased to surprise me because she was Stoessel. And when you start a trial, they remove you from the media. “They take you from all the places where they can take you and they even pick on family members.”

What happened between Alejandro Stoessel and Marcelo Tinelli

In November 2015, the 1st Chamber of the Federal Civil and Commercial Chamber ruled in favor of Marcelo Tinelli in a trial initiated in 2009 by Alejandro Stoesselformer Artistic Director of Ideas del Sur, where he claimed the rights to “Ugly Duckling”, in addition to intellectual property, damages and losses.

In 2009, the producer and father of Martina “Tini” Stoessel, Alejandro Stoesselhe demanded from his former friend and Ideas del Sur “the partial vindication of Patito feo’s trademark registrations and/or applications.”

In addition, he sued Tinelli for intellectual property, damages and publication of the successful youth series that aired between 2007 and 2008.

In March 2015, the first instance resolution had been favorable to the Showmatch host, but Stoessel appealed the measure.

Finally, the Chamber decided to reject the trial and determined that Stoessel must pay the costs of a trial that was worth millions.


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