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The author of Patito Feo sent Marcelo Tinelli to the front after despising his daughter Chiara: “With a 6-year-old girl you can’t handle her”


Marcela Citteriothe author of Ugly Ducklingonce again revealed information that no one knew about Marcelo Tinelli, and not only did he return to the topic after Tini Stoessel will destroy the driver in her new albumbut also spoke about an intern that there was with his daughter Chiara.

What happened between the author of Patito Feo and Marcelo Tinelli?

Through his TikTok account, Citterio remembered: “They asked me about Tini and Alejandro (her father), of course I was amazed that she did Violetta.” And he added: “If they took my daughter away for much less, imagine… the day that Mr. Marcelo Tinelli takes scenes of my 6-year-old daughter Chiara Francia from the program Consentidos off the air.”

“It was in 2009 when Chiara was 6 years old and she was held responsible for the low rating of Consentidos. Terrible, I ran to the year 2009, I had ended with a settlement, a possible trial that could be with the authorities of the production company and Chiara came from working with Darío Lopilato in ‘Atracción por 4’ playing his daughter and she was wonderful”he expressed.

“In fact, they asked me to add scenes. She went with my mother and with Moni Bruni, who was the one who coached all the Patito boys. I understood that I had behaved well, that I had been honest, and that’s why I reached a “arrangement. But sometimes, that is not enough, gentlemen.”he continued.

Then, he told how it was the moment he appeared Tinelli to download his daughter from the novel: “A person linked to the production comes and tells me, ‘Marcela… Chiara’s scenes are going to be taken up because they were few.’ She was 6 years old, I mean, why are they going to be taken out of the air? ‘You’re not going to Let’s go see, I’ll let you know. It seems that Marcelo was meeting with Adrián and they decided that they don’t like him and that he is responsible for the low rating.'”

“People, if you saw the program, it is impossible that a 6-year-old girl who did not have a leading role at all. Impossible was responsible for the rating. I said ‘of course, I understood’. I had just finished a legal conflict in the “that I reached an agreement just by asking for what was mine, what belonged to me and what I had arranged in the most honest way in the world.”he detailed.

Given this, Marcela He exhausted his patience and admitted that he took a step aside: “So, he’s having a fight with my daughter. The way… ‘Hello, how are you? Your daughter suddenly won’t be able to see the scenes she recorded anymore.’ And then, what’s this situation like? What does it have to do with it?” make one? I was more a mother than an author. I left the program, gentlemen. I resigned.”

“I quit because you can’t hold on to a 6-year-old girl. Hold on to me. Tell me everything. You do have something to say to me, but not with my daughter. That’s why when these things happen, that’s why when yesterday they asked me about “About Tini and Alejandro, of course I was surprised that she did Violetta. If they got my daughter for much less, imagine.”he said.

Later, he praised his daughter’s work and noted: “Of course, when she was the one chosen at the time, I said ‘look, that’s great’. How good, how good that it worked out. And how good that everyone continues on their own path, and how good that today my daughter, in addition to being an actress, is a wonderful author. And how good to be telling them that she is going to be at the book fair. And how good to be telling them that there is no one who can dull your shine, that there is no one who can dull your talent, even if they take you out, even if they want you not to shine. “You have talent, keep going.”

“Today look for her, she is at the book fair. She is with Colabo, with gifts that she has with her book and I am very happy and very excited working with my daughter, with a daughter that I defended and I have proof, I have letters. They are going to go “knowing everything because they know that keeping quiet hurts”he concluded Marcela Citterio, the author of Patito Feo.

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