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“The Bro” will be forced to vote among themselves for the first time in Big Brother


Bautista Mascia, Nicolas Grosman and Martin Ku They are among the last six participants of Big Brother (Telefe) but not everything is rosy since they must nominate one of their friends.

After the little brothers competed in the leader test, Emmanuel Vich and Darío Martínez Corti were finalists. The final decision will be announced at the gala on June 11.

However, the fact that they find themselves as candidates to win the leadership and Juliana Furia Scaglione is already in plaque due to the sanction she hasforces “Los Bro” to vote among themselves.

For that reason, upon realizing it, the Uruguayan went to face his friends: “I want to congratulate you because the time has come, because Emma and Darío are going to be leaders, when we are going to have to vote among ourselves. Because Fury is on board, Emma or Daro are going to be the leader, and it’s just the three of us and one person left. “If we vote, we are going to have to vote among ourselves.”

In this way, they sank into a warm embrace and El Chino said with a smile: “We have reached this stage”.

Florencia Regidor from Big Brother sent a gift to Nicolás Grosman

Florence Regidor He sent a gift to his “partner” with the entry of Antonella (mother of Nicolás), and the latter did not send him the gift. According to a tweet of hers, she implied the production had taken the present from her mother.

At the last debate gala, the family members entered, and with this the mother of Nicholas You will spend a few hours with your son inside the house. Florence, who is his “partner”, he sent him a chain with his initial but at no time was it seen if it was delivered to the recipient of the same.

It is speculated that it may have been the production, and that the mother has already entered the most famous house in the world without any gift.

Florence alderman in X
Florencia Regidor in X

“I had sent him a chain with an F, but they took it off,” regidor wrote in X.

Despite all the obstacles, Florence Regidor He dedicated some tender words to his beloved on his official Instagram account: “Maybe when he comes out he doesn’t even give me the time, but hey, I love him. What I am going to do!”


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