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the call of 50 senators to make it compulsory to wear helmets

Indeed the helmet protects many cranial traumatisms and sometimes death. Wearing it is compulsory on cycles up to 12 years old, why not consider extending the wearing of helmets among users of electric scooters? Far from the political discussions that invade Paris concerning the use of self-service scooters considered too dangerous by the municipality, it is the source of the problem that must be tackled by protecting all users as well as possible, including those who have their own scooter. Wearing a helmet for everyone is a solution.

When the latter was imposed for motorcycles, just like the car seat belt, many oppositions emerged. Today this is no longer debated. Making the wearing of helmets compulsory above all saves lives, spares injuries and is part of the consistency of the road safety program carried out for years aimed at preventing rather than curing. The protection of our fellow citizens obliges us: we must jointly take a decision that preserves public health. We expect from you, Minister, a proactive decision. The new rules must overcome fears and protect as many people as possible. »

The list of co-signers :

Nathalie Delattre, Jean-François Longeot, Anne-Catherine Loisier, Catherine Morin-Desailly, Alain Houpert, Sylvie Vermeillet, Michel Canevet, Laurent Burgoa, Michel Laugier, Stéphane Demilly, Christine Bofanti-Dossat, Brigitte Micouleau, Nadia Sollogub, Pierre-Antoine Levi, Jean-Pierre Grand, Gilbert Favreau, Hugue Saury, Jean-Pierre Moga, Colette Mélot, Jean-Louis Lagourgue, Marc Laménie, Nassimah Dindar, Olivier Henno, Jean-Marie Vanlerenberghe, Jocelyne Guidez, Françoise Férat, Jean-Noël Guérini , Daniel Laurent, Hervé Maurey, Daniel Chasseing, Alain Marc, Florence Lassarade, Bernard Buis, Alain Duffourg, Louis-Jean de Nicolaÿ, Dany Wattebled, Corinne Imbert, Denise Saint-Pé, Claude Kern, Christine Herzog, Patrick Chauvet, Loïc Hervé , Joël Guerriau, Jacques Le Nay, Élisabeth Doineau, Nicole Duranton, Annick Billon, Alain Chatillon, Céline Boulay-Espéronnier, Jean-Michel Arnaud, Françoise Gatel, Xavier Iacovelli

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