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The cheapest cars of the brands that sell the most in Mexico

The desire to release a new car has grown among Mexicans.

While at the end of April 2022, it was found that one in 10 Mexicans said they wanted to drive something different, at the end of April 2023, the figure rose to 2 out of 10 Mexicans, according to a survey of Deloitte.

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And in addition to the desire, according to the consultant, in reality 31% of Mexicans are thinking of buying a new car in the next semester.

However, if you are one of those who are thinking of opening a car, but you consider that the economic situation is not very comfortable at the moment, we will tell you which are the cheapest cars of the manufacturer groups that sold the most vehicles in April.

As usual, the automotive group that placed the most units last April was nissana brand where we find the most economical option V-Drive.

According to a query made by Forbes Mexico, the model costs from 275,900 pesos.

$!Nissan V-Drive

Nissan V-Drive

Among the features of the car highlighted by Nissan on its page is the power of 106 horsepower.

The group General Motors It is the second manufacturer that sold more cars in April. Among its offer available on the internet we find that the model with the lowest price is the chevrolet malibu.

Although on its site, Chevrolet invites you to contact a dealer and only clarifies that an initial deposit of 26,095 pesos is required for the Malibu, other dealers advertise on their page that the unit it costs about 425,000 pesos.

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$!Chevrolet Malibu

chevrolet malibu

In its case, Chevrolet highlights that due to the scarcity of supply, the characteristics of the available units may vary.

The Virtus model is the most economical of the third group that placed the most cars in Mexico in April, Volkswagen (VW).

$!Volkswagen Virtus

volkswagen virtus

The unit, according to the VW page, it costs 334,490 cash pesos and it stands out that it is a car with 114 horsepower strength and qualities such as a witness to loss of tire pressure, a color touch screen, and 6 airbags.

Of the Stellantis Groupwhich ranked fourth in sales in April, the Dodge Attitude is the unit with the most affordable price, which goes from 268,400 pesos.

$!Dodge Attitude

Dodge Attitude

A performance of 1,200 km per tank It is the most highlighted quality in the promotion of this model.

With a price of 288,900 pesoshe sedan river It is the lowest priced car promoted by kia.

$!River Sedan

sedan river

Of the qualities highlighted by the brand, Kia highlights that its Rio model It has an engine of 17.81 liters and 121 HP.

if you wanted a Toyotathe cheapest version offered by the brand on its platform is the Yariswhich in the hatchback version features a initial price of 306,700 pesos.

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$!Toyota Yaris

toyota yaris

Among the qualities highlighted by the promotion of unity their 15” steel wheels stand out and its availability of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay system.

In the case of the manufacturer Mazdathe cheapest version offered on your site is the Mazda 2 sedan, which goes from 274,900 pesos.

$!Mazda 2 sedan

mazda 2 sedan

The main qualities that the brand highlights from the unit are its power of 109 hp, and a 1.5 L engine.

MG Motorthe eighth group with the most sales registered in the country during April, offers as its cheapest unit the MG5 Enjoy Stylewith a price that goes from 298,900 pesos.

$!MG5 Enjoy Style

MG5 Enjoy Style

Among the characteristics of the unit that the brand highlights is its 1.5L 113 horsepower engineas well as a torque of 11 lb/ft.

In the ninth place of sales is the brand Hyundaiwhose most economical model is the Grand 10 HBa compact whose price starts at 234,200 pesos.

$!Grand 10 HB

Grand 10 HB

Of this model, Hyundai highlights its ABS braking systemsteering wheel audio control and folding rear seats.

Manufacturer Renaultthe group with the 10th position in most sales in Mexico, the cheapest offer is named Kwida car that It is quoted at 230,100 pesos.

$!Renault Kwid

renault kwid

Of this model, the brand highlights on its site that it is a very safe unit, with great fuel efficiency, connectivity and easy driving.

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