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The coach reveals Mørk’s leadership role – foreshadows his future career path


Nora Mørk is ready for the final weekend in the Champions League. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

Of NTB | 01.06.2024 09:43:04

Sport: Esbjerg, together with the Hungarian star team Györ, French Metz and German Bietigheim, will settle for the Champions League trophy in Budapest. Reigning champion Vipers Kristiansand is out of the dance ahead of the final weekend in Hungary.

Esbjerg coach Jensen trusts that Nora Mørk will make the right tactical dispositions in the Danish club’s offensive game on the way to a much-desired triumph.

– There are very few times we get involved in the attacking play from the coaching bench. Nora has a very good handle on it, reveals Jensen ahead of the final weekend.

– Once we have set an overall structure, she implements it and uses the necessary tools, he adds.

Mørk herself acknowledges that the leadership role comes naturally to her. That is why she is satisfied that she gets to develop herself on the club team.

– Jesper lets me be myself, and I appreciate that. But he also knows very well that he must speak up when enough is enough. Then I respect that, says Mørk.

According to Jensen, it is also not always the case that Mørk hits the mark in the decisions she makes.

– Of course, there are also situations in the matches where she doesn’t quite hit. But over 60 minutes in a match, she has good control. And then we try to come up with small suggestions instead, he says.

Nora Mørk’s great understanding of the game also gives her good opportunities in the handball world when the shoes are put on the shelf, Jensen believes.

– Nora will be a really good trainer if she goes that way one day. She understands people, the game and has the right feel for the matches.

Mørk agrees with the coach that a coaching career could soon be on the cards when she is one day ready for it. But at the moment it’s still all about being on the field.

Saturday afternoon Györ opponent in the Champions League semi-final in Budapest. Mørk reveals that she has a plan.

– We have a couple of things that we would like to test. We hope that can make Györ nervous. I feel that we are in a good place and have prepared well, says Mørk.

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