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The cod price under NOK 50 per kilo


For the first time this year, the average price for what fishermen get for cod is below NOK 50 per kilo. Photo: NTB

Of NTB | 30.05.2024 06:03:05

Economy and business: It reports NRKwhich refers to the fishing newspaper Coast and Fjord.

In May, the fishermen achieved a price of NOK 49.02 per kilo in the Råfisklaget’s district, which runs from Nordmøre to Finnmark.

There is a price drop of over five kroner compared to the first two months of the year.

In January, the average price was NOK 54.49 – which was the highest ever.

Last year, NOK 5.2 billion worth of cod was delivered in the first five months. This year, the corresponding figure is NOK 3.8 billion. The fishermen have thus experienced a drop in income from cod of NOK 1.4 billion, down just over 26 per cent.

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