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The confusing moment that Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez experienced at an airport that went viral on the internet


Sofia Jujuy Jimenez She published a video online that shows her collapsed at an airport in Mexico after thinking she had lost her documentation. The confusing situation became and the model received a flood of questions.

What happened to Jujuy Jiménez

Jujuy Jimenez shared a video on TikTok, which was later reposted on Instagram, that showed her nervous while trying to move from Mexico to the United States. However, users criticized it and wondered why it was recorded at that time.

“No no no. Do not understand. It almost gives me something. Oh, I can’t take it anymore. I thought I wouldn’t be able to fly. I got really nervous. That’s why I hate the times when I have to travel, and I come with time and such.”, she explained, visibly collapsed.

“I got very nervous that’s why I hate the times when I have to travel and come early, because I’m very hung up. I can’t explain to you what my heart is right now. I was like a fool drinking coffee for two hours, eating a sandwich. I set an alarm to ring so I could go boarding in time. I stopped because I wanted to buy something at Victoria’s Secret, and When I go to pay, they ask me for the boarding pass and I don’t see it”Sofia explained.

To try to calm down, Sofía began to say to herself: “Come on Sofía, pay attention to your aquarium hang, please. The days you fly. No. They understand that I came to think ‘well, that’s it, I’m staying in Mexico, it must be for a reason.’ But that’s it, we breathe and here we go,” she added.

Finally, the model found the ticket in her fanny pack, returned to the store where she was shopping and then headed towards her boarding gate. Hours later she shared with her followers that she was already in New York. “I am very excited to return to this city where I was very happy, I am going to be sharing everything with you,” she concluded.

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