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The Conservative Party and SV will ban cryptomining


It is far-fetched for the Conservative Party to want to ban industries, but in this case it is right, according to Nikolai Astrup. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Of NTB | 05/09/2024 01:14:01

Economy and business: – We should get a solid majority. If not unanimously, says Lars Haltbrekken (SV) to E24.

The belief in the solid majority is rooted in the fact that the government itself has announced that new rules are on the way. In April, Energy Minister Terje Aasland (Ap) said that the industry is not welcome in Norway.

However, SV and the Conservative Party believe that Aasland has no basis for the statement, because they have not proposed an actual ban, but a restriction of use for reasons of national security.

Nikolai Astrup says it is too late for the Conservative Party to go in to ban an industry.

– We need the power for other and better purposes. The lack of power is in the process of short-circuiting the entire climate transition, there have hardly been any licenses granted for new power production since the government took office, he says.

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