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The Court of Appeal has submitted the basis for the Førdefjord case to the EFTA Court


The Nature Conservancy’s head Truls Gulowsen and former head of Nature and Youth, Gina Gylver, when the Førdefjord case went before the Oslo district court in autumn 2023. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Of NTB | 14.05.2024 08:10:36

Crime and justice: The letter of questioning from the Court of Appeal, to which both the environmental organizations and the state have provided input, forms the basis for the EFTA Court’s proceedings.

In January, the Nature Conservancy and Nature and Youth lost the lawsuit against the state regarding mining with a sea dump in the Førdefjorden. The organizations appealed the judgment with a request that the case be submitted to the supranational EFTA Court.

With the letter of questioning from the Court of Appeal, the EFTA Court is now setting up a case, and it is expected that it will come up for consideration in the autumn.

– We did not agree with the state on which questions the court should decide on. That is why it is gratifying that the court gave us success on all important points, says Natur og Ungdom leader Gytis Blazevicius in a press release.

Because Norway is not an EU member, the EFTA Court will not make a judgment, but give an advisory opinion.

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