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The crossing of Ramiro Marra and Juan Grabois in TN, where they almost grabbed pineapples, which recalled the fight between Alberto Samid and Mauro Viale


Ramiro MarraBuenos Aires legislator from La Libertad Avanza, and Juan Graboissocial leader and former presidential candidate for Unión por la Patria, were involved in a strong discussion on a television program. TN while they debated the economy of the country that almost wiped out pineapples.

What happened to Ramiro Marra and Juan Grabois

In the midst of the discussion about Base Law in the Senate, Ramiro Marra, representative of the ruling party, and Juan Grabois, leader of the opposition, agreed to cross paths in a debate on “A Dos Voces” (TN). However, towards the end of the television crossover the tension grew to such a point that they almost came to blows in mid-air.

Both political men presented their opposing visions of country models and gave their opinions on the current state of the economy in the country. But the analysis culminated in chicanery, crossed accusations and a handshake that almost ended in a boxing scene.

“A legal, white-collar robbery, through a mechanism of planned inflation,” Grabois stated. To this, Marra responded: “Now a new one has begun that is putting the economy in order. The financial surplus was achieved and inflation was lowered. The devaluation was carried out by the previous government. We avoid hyperinflation. Everything that is happening now is the fault of the previous government”.

Ramiro Marra and Juan Grabois TN
Ramiro Marra and Juan Grabois TN

The quick social leader indicated: “I was not part of the previous government because I was not a civil servant. And he’s not part of it either.” “I am part of this government, I take charge of things. The only thing you left behind was poor”, launched the libertarian leader. And he added: “We want there to be more jobs in the private sector. Now people need that money and that is why we are giving them those plans. You want poor people, to manipulate them. You wanted to be president to have more organizations, to have more power. We are different. You take money from people”.

“Do you have proof that I stole money from people? The media is not the judiciary. You will receive three million pesos from the State, brother” Grabois replied. Immediately afterwards, Marra said: “I earn much more money than that, from the private sector,” she revealed.

Regarding the end of the program, the host Marcelo Bonelli He asked them to shake hands to conclude the debate. But when they shook hands, Grabois told him that the hand was firm, and noted that “that’s how soft Garca is.” In response, now face to face, the libertarian legislator said “at least I don’t steal from the poor.”

The moment immediately went viral, and was compared to the historic fight between Mauro Viale and Alberto Samidin 2002, who began by shaking hands and then ended in a round trip of blows and insults between the figures.

Before their meeting in TN, Grabois and Marra had crossed paths on the X network (ex Twitter). Given the situation, Grabois sent a document letter to Marra regarding her accusations.

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