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The Danish government announces measures against money laundering


The Danish government will take action after revelations about money laundering in the documentary “The Black Swan”. Photo: Facsimile / NTB

Of NTB | 10.06.2024 15:13:05

Crime and justice: The Danish government held a meeting with all the parties in the Folketing on Monday. Representatives from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Taxation and the Ministry of Business, among others, were present.

After the meeting, Hummelgaard met the press together with five other ministers. The Minister of Justice says that the government will, among other things, introduce stricter controls on client accounts.

– We will also look at the rules around trustees, says Hummelgaard, and adds that the current rules make it possible to appoint one’s own trustee in bankruptcy cases, for a sum of money.

The documentary «The black swan», which is produced by the Danish channel TV 2 in collaboration with NRK, shows cooperation on fraud between criminals, lawyers and business people. One can see, among other things, how client accounts, which are lawyer accounts with funds entrusted by the client, are misused.

Business Minister Morten Bodskøv explains that extensive digitization of the contact between authorities, citizens and businesses is also underway, which should help stop criminals.

– We have a new bill to be rolled out around accounting. In the past it was seen that they were burned or disappeared in the toilet. Now there is a requirement that they be digital, he says.

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