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The desperate request of Arturo’s rescuers due to Fury’s aggression in Big Brother: “We no longer know what to do”


Juliana “Furia” Scaglione kicked Arturo in Big Brother (Telefe)and the animal’s rescuers demonstrated online.

We no longer know what to do to get Arturo out of the house, while we leave these images to see what you think“, they wrote from the Instagram of “Huellitas Perdidas”.

Requested by Arturo from Big Brother

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the foundation has asked to remove the animal from the reality show. Weeks ago they reported that they spoke with Telefe production, but they refused to return Arturo to them.

What happened to Arturo in Big Brother

Juliana “Furia” Scaglione once again generated repudiation for an attitude with Arthurthe dog that entered Big Brother (Telefe) in mid-April to meet with the participants.

In X a video of Rage in the middle of the game with his teammates, running towards a microphone to sing, already Arthur behind her.

The animal became desperate when he saw her run, since he is a puppy and wants to play, and when he started to jump on her, Juliana kicked him. (Video

The attitude of Rage generated repudiation on the network and users requested his immediate expulsion from Big Brother: “Will Santiago del Moro continue to cover it up?”, “Big Brother has become anything if this is not a direct expulsion,” “This is animal abuse, I don’t know what the fucking limit is for them to remove her,” expulsion? I mean, because it has already been sanctioned for thousands”, “It has already exceeded the limits”.

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