The desperate request of “Furia” from Big Brother to his fans: “Don’t spend more”

The desperate request of “Furia” from Big Brother to his fans: “Don’t spend more”

Juliana Furia Scaglione He took advantage of being out of the house to connect more fully with his fans, and made a strong request to them.

His departure from Big Brother (Telefe) It caused a huge stir among fans, and her love even donated money for her until she went into debt. The stunt double, he asked them to please not spend more money on her because her love was enough for him.

What did Fury ask of his fans?

“To the angry fandom? Fuck whatever block you want, I love you,” began Rage. And I add: “Don’t spend any more money, old lady. Do you know what is the only thing that matters to me?” That was where she really opened her heart.

“The love they have for me, old woman. Thank you for loving me so much and supporting me. Thank you for loving me so much”, hill Juliana Furia Scaglione.

Was there fraud in Fury’s departure from Big Brother?

Juliana “Furia” Scalgione was removed from Big Brother by public decision, but hand in hand with Santiago del Moro and analysts The debate He reported that there was fraud in the results.

During a back and forth, Ceferino Reato highlighted the large percentage with which Rage was removed from Big Brother. “I remind you that Rage he left with 62.4% of the votes. It’s a lot”, he mentioned. Quickly, Juliana responded: “That’s the other way around. It’s fraud, daddy“, he stated in the middle of the cycle.

You generated a lot of love, but also a lot of hate“the journalist informed him.”No, Cefe. If you shoot 15 people, they will come looking for you. It’s envy, guys.“Scaglione told him.

However, just seconds later, Rage he contradicted himself and stated that he “eliminated himself.” “What kind of great player eliminates herself?”Reato asked. “When I realized that they were censoring me, when I realized that it was not the right thing to do within the home, that the house had become something that I am not and when I realized that I wanted to sell something that I was not”Fury explained.

The notable thing, which did not go unnoticed by anyone on social networks, was that Santiago del Moro and the entire panel preferred to avoid confronting her about her statements against the production.

The truth is the fans of Rage -who called themselves FuriousThey sent a document letter to the reality producer (Kuarzo) and requested judicial intervention by a computer expert and an accounting audit to investigate an alleged fraud..

A fan, representative of the Furia GH Official Unification, shared through her Instagram stories a photo of the document letter she sent to Kuarzo, the company that produces the reality show.

The desperate request of “Furia” from Big Brother to his fans: “Don’t spend more”
Furia fans denounced Kuarzo

What the representative of fandom The claim in the document letter is that the votes of Juliana Scaglione and Martín Ku would have been inverted, and that since production they did not allow the intervention of a notary designated by the participant’s family to count the votes.

The most controversial player of this edition of the reality show was voted out by 62.4% of the public vote, while her competitor took 36.7%. Outside the house, The fans of the current former participant generated a scandal and there were incidents on Telefe with police guard around the studio.

Coy, Furia's sister, targeted the production after her elimination and accused them of fraud 1
Coy, Furia’s sister, targeted the production after her elimination and accused them of fraud

Despite everything, her sister put the focus of the discussion on another topic, and wrote through Juliana’s social network: “If you thought there was the robbery of the century, this surpassed it. Tribunes full of furious people. Almost $70 million pesos in unifications, this last one. And many more individual votes. Yes, it is too much for all of you Telefe and Kuarzo. Thanks for the sheet set”. In addition, he rebutted the alleged fraud with a simple question: “Maybe that’s why they didn’t let me put a notary?”

Immediately afterwards, she felt frustrated by her sister’s elimination and stated: “They stole Furia’s biggest dream. They stole from people including me. A format destroyed because Furia was thousands of steps ahead. This was Great Fury.”

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