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The district court will hear the lawsuit from Viggo Kristiansen’s former supporter


Agder district court will hear Eivind Pedersen’s lawsuit, his lawyer says. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Of NTB | 28.05.2024 18:33:03

Crime and justice: Eivind Pedersen’s lawyer, Patrick Lundevall-Unger, says so Television 2.

The lawyer says that two days have been set aside in Agder District Court in Kristiansand on 3 and 4 October.

– We are optimistic on behalf of our cause, says Lundevall-Unger.

Pedersen has sued Kristiansen because he believes there was an agreement between him and Kristiansen, in which he was to be paid if Kristiansen was acquitted of the murders and rapes in Baneheia.

He demands more than four million kroner.

– We have taken out the lawsuit because it is noticeable that Viggo Kristiansen has forgotten his long-time supporter Eivind Pedersen, as well as what lies between them in contractual terms, Lundevall-Unger has previously told TV 2.

In April, it became known that the state will give Kristiansen NOK 55 million in compensation after he unjustly served nearly 21 years in prison as convicted in the Baneheia case. Kristiansen, for his part, demands NOK 90 million, and his lawyer Brynjar Meling has notified a lawsuit against the state.

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