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The electrician mediation continues overtime – 2,747 members may go on strike


The Electrical and IT Association and NHO Elektro continue the mediation on the main settlement for the electrical profession on overtime. The picture was taken during the strike in 2023. Photo: Lars Thomas Nordby / NTB

Of NTB | 29.05.2024 00:42:58

Working life: The deadline expired at midnight on Tuesday. The Electricity and IT Association states that the negotiations are continuing overtime.

2,747 members will go on strike if the parties do not agree.

The Electricity and IT Association confirms to NTB that a further 1,876 members will go on strike from the start of working hours next Monday – i.e. 3 June.

It concerns the so-called National Agreement for Electrical Professions (LOK), which regulates the pay and working conditions of most electricians in Norway. EL and the IT association have submitted resignations for a total of 2,747 members, writes Riksmekleren.

The strikers are distributed across installation companies throughout the country, with a clear preponderance of Bravida employees. 1,295 of those who go on strike – almost half – work in this company.

The strike can affect both private and business customers and will also extend beyond a number of construction projects. Among public projects, the association mentions the government quarter and several new hospital projects.

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