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The emotional letter that Grego Rossello wrote to Nati Jota for his 30th birthday


Nati Jota turned 30 years old last May 26 and in It would be amazing (Olga) organized a surprise for her, among which stood out the emotional letter that his friend wrote to him Grego Rossello.

The influencers have known each other since 2013 when they led Networks, on the sports network ESPN, where they became very intimate. Currently, they share space again since they are both working on the streaming channel, so he read to her: “‘I can say with great pride that I am with Natalia Jersonsky and I hope I will be with her all my life’That’s what I told you on Saturday when we hugged after the birthday cake. I hope we will be friends forever.”

“Maybe Nati or more than one of you will find this letter a bit cringey, it sucks for me. I think it’s a spectacular opportunity to express the pride I have for my friend. Because I don’t think I’ll ever explain how proud it is to be a friend of Nati Jota,” he said as his voice faltered with emotion.

In this way, she remembered her career in the media: “A girl who made herself alone, really alone. When I say alone, it’s real. Today in Argentina, I found out, and there are more than 7 million accounts on Twitter (now X). How many of those accounts managed to jump from Twitter to TV at only 22 years old?. “Start reading tweets in the corner of a studio to go on to co-host on cable, then on air, win all the possible awards on social networks, to be a pioneer in the world of radio-streaming and to dare, at the best moment of her career, to take a very risky turn just to continue growing“, he assured in reference to his abrupt change from Luzu TV to Migue Granados’ production company.

Of those 7 million accounts, let me tell you that there is only one who made that journey, that person is my friend, who in the middle of all this professional adventure worries about her parents, is best friends with her sisters and is a sister to her friends and she is always there, I can attest to that she is always there. A theater, a show, a bowling alley and, although he prefers this last establishment more, wherever I asked him to put up with me, he has been there,” Grego Rossello closed very emotionally while Nati Jota broke down in tears.

What is the promise that Nati Jota and Grego Rossello made to each other?

Nati Jota revealed the great promise she has with Grego Rossello that involves a possible romantic relationship and a future near the altar.

An Internet user said that she made an agreement with her friend, based on whether or not they managed to have a partner.: “I just realized that there are 3 months left to call my friend with whom I promised that if we didn’t get married before we were 30, we would get married”.

For that reason, the journalist reacted and decided to tell x (ex Twitter) his pact with his former coworker in Networks and close friend: “It happened to me with Grego but it’s easy, with one call you can stretch it to 40 and that’s it”.

Nati Jota on his agreement with Grego Rossello
Nati Jota on his agreement with Grego Rossello

Because Nati Jota has already turned three decades old, she was talking with Rossello to postpone their agreement since she continues to hope to find the right person to ask her to marry.


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