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The emotional video of Marta Fort remembering Gustavo Martínez who would have turned 65


Martha Fort decided to dedicate a tender post to him on his official Instagram account to Gustavo Martínez, who was his guardian after his father’s death Ricardo Fort, and shared the tender moment with his followers.

June 4 was the date where her legal guardian as well as her brother’s was born, and she dedicated a tender post to him. In the video, she sees them dancing happy with life, and she accompanied the video with a phrase: “He complies.”

Finally, we must remember that Gustavo Martinez tutoring began Marta Fort and his brother in 2010. Shortly after, in 2022, he took his own life since the boys were about to turn 18, and they were already of legal age.

Why doesn’t Marta Fort talk about the death of Gustavo Martínez?

Martha Fort he revived the criticism he received Felipe Fort when he did not want to talk about the death of who was his guardian Gustavo Martinez. Two years have passed of suicide and despite the affection they both professed, it surprised everyone when the commander’s heir remained silent about the death.

Without mincing words, Fort’s daughter responded to these criticisms on the red carpet of the Martín Fierro de la Moda: “We don’t talk about Gustavo because it seems like a bad idea to me. Each one knows what he feels, he knows what he wants and we don’t think it’s important to get it to the people.”

Likewise, he contextualized that for them it is not necessary to highlight their childhood, their experiences and upbringings publicly, to which he clarified: “It seems to me that it is very superficial and very stupid to expect Felipe to name Gustavo or Marisa so that people know that they were and are important.”

Finally, Martha Fort To calm the waters of controversy he referred to Gustavo Martinez already Marisa Lopez –nanny of the twins-as their guardians: “Marisa brought us here. Marisa almost lives in my house. We both love her. And we love Gustavo a lot.”

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