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The fierce crossing of Romina Uhrig and Ximena Capristo on the air: “Don’t break my balls!”


Romina Uhrig and Ximena Capristo They staged a heated exchange in the open air ofBig Brother, Night of the Exes (Telefe). The former reality show participants tried to give their opinions but ended up getting into a strong disagreement.

What happened between Romina Uhrig and Ximena Capristo

With Zoe Bogach as the main guest of the night after her elimination in Big Brotherthe panelists began to refer to the role played Aixamother of the now former participant, in his daughter’s departure from reality. In this framework, Romina Uhrig questioned the woman, but in the midst of the intense debate, Ximena Capristo He wanted to give his opinion and they crossed paths.

“No one is slamming the mother. The only thing I’m saying is my opinion. The only thing I said was, and many people think this, the mother’s behavior… how she spoke to Zoe. That’s all I said, nothing more “said Uhrig.

When Capristo pointed out that it must be a habit for Zoe, Romina interrupted her and said: “Well, Negra, but why are we here? To give our opinion.” Quickly, “La Negra” took the glove and responded: “Stop, stop, stop, stop. Stop Romi, lower your little voice for me. Lower a change. I’m not hedging you. You’re interrupting me from the first moment today “We’re starting the program, don’t break my balls!”

“I’m talking, nothing more. Nobody breaks your balls,” the former deputy continued.

Romina Uhrig and Ximena Capristo fight
Romina Uhrig and Ximena Capristo fight

Then, Capristo continued: “If Zoe has naturalized that relationship she has with her mother, only Zoe and her mother know. I’m not saying if it’s right or wrong.” At that moment, Romina interrupted her again: “Well, then, tone it down a little. I’m talking very well to you and let me have my opinion.”

The women could not agree in their discussion of whether or not Aixa harmed Zoe.

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