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The fierce crossover between Virginia Demo and Fury in Big Brother after coming out in defense of her daughter Delfina


Juliana Rage Scaglione and Virginia Demo They had a strong disagreement Big Brother (Telefe) after the athlete made a spicy comment against Delfina, the comedian’s daughter.

It all started when Fury approached the young woman to say: “I’m telling you something cool. Have you seen how sometimes you don’t feel like smiling at me? Don’t do it, seriously. Cool, because it’s shit.” Although he explained that “I smile at everyone,” he didn’t believe him so he told him again: “I know, but if not, don’t even waste your time, but it’s cool. I don’t get angry or anything. Oh really”.

In this way, Virginia, who was in the room next to them, asked her daughter: “What happened? You tell me I didn’t listen.” And, from that moment, a great scandal broke out.

Delfina: That I laughed because I like music

Rage: No, it’s not because of the music

Defina: I always smile Juli, if you don’t want to smile at people, don’t smile at them

Rage: I tell your daughter, you don’t need to smile at me when you don’t feel like it.

Virginia: Well, okay, but don’t be chased.

Rage: No, I am not persecuted

Virginia: Yes, you are persecuted. My daughter smiles at everyone and he’s not even afraid of you so stay calm

Rage: I notice when people don’t like me.

Virginia: Well, no. You’re going to start doing quilombo because you feel like it. He likes you perfectly. If you don’t like him and you really wanted us to stay, screw you, you idiot. Don’t mess with my daughter, that’s all I’m telling you, Ojito

Rage: It’s okay, maybe it’s not for fighting and it’s great that it comes out. But I realize when they don’t like me

Virginia: Don’t smile at him anymore. And don’t mess with my daughter because she’s the only thing I’m missing. Don’t break my balls. Stop talking nonsense. Look, yesterday what happened was the following, he gave you the balls to stay. My daughter has the best. You are the only one who screws up. Don’t mess with my daughter.

Rage: No, I’m not a coiled

Virginia: Yes, you are. You are a twisted idiot*

Fury: No, I’m very intelligent, which is different.

Virginia: You are not intelligent at all, sometimes

Immediately, Demo left the room and went to the bathroom to talk to Darío Martínez Corti, while Scaglione continued ranting in front of Delfina.

Rage: Typically, the only one you can’t say anything to is Virginia. The truth is that I don’t close my mouth and I’m not going to keep my mouth shut about anything

Virginia: It’s really hot because we stayed and my daughter breaks his balls, she has no idea who she messed with. The last thing he can do is get into trouble with Delfina because she killed her.

Rage: Besides, the last thing I want is for your mother to get angry because I have another pending job. I’m not going there friend

Virginia: He starts to falsify nonsense and you have to listen to the nonsense he says

Fury: And then, the one who has problems is me. The coiled one. If you don’t feel like smiling at me, don’t smile at me. And now give her the house so the mother looks happy

How the fight between Fury and Virginia continued in Big Brother

Hours later, mother and daughter were talking in the garden of the house, when they ended up confronting Juliana again.

Virginia: It’s like that, it’s bullshit.

Delfina: People, keep voting Delfina for 9009, now more than ever

Rage: You didn’t need to get so hot because it wasn’t for you.

Virginia: I’m not going to talk, I don’t want to talk to you anymore

Rage: You’re doing me a favor because you’re not my procedure, honestly.

Virginia: I don’t care if it’s your procedure or not, here you’re not the only one who manages the house.

Rage: You neither

Virginia: Of course not dear. I am a supportive mine. The house belongs to everyone but my daughter, she is mine. And you’re not going to screw it up

Rage: With your daughter, I have every right to talk

Virginia: You’re not going to screw her up nor are you going to say idiotic things

Rage: Did I call her a son of a bitch or something? No, it’s all recorded. Close the door, I went and approached to tell him something cool

Virginia: I’m not going to close the ort*. That’s not cool. I care very little what you say

Furia Scaglione and Virginia Demo in Big Brother
Furia Scaglione and Virginia Demo in Big Brother

Fury: I have every right to explode

Virginia: You have the right to exploit but not with people who have nothing to do with it

Rage: You don’t need to make me smile when you don’t feel like it.

Delfina: Stop Juli, it’s no effort. Don’t tell me anything about the vibe

Virginia: But you flash that one

Fury: I’m talking to your crazy daughter, slow down. She is 25 years old …

Virginia: I know, dear, don’t come and tell me

Rage: If she wants to talk to me, let her talk to me

Virginia: You’re not going to tell me what my daughter is because I know. Do you know what happens? That you screw up the life of the entire planet and you are not going to screw up my daughter.

Rage: What’s bothering you? Hold on because you have the 70 million

Virginia: Can’t you see I’m holding on?

Rage: How much longer are you going to last?

Virginia: All

Rage: I also wonder the same thing, how much longer am I going to last?

Virginia: me, everything

Rage: If he screws you, he screws you. If your old lady doesn’t like what I told you, she’ll suck my balls. I realize when they do the face thing to me because they did it to me a lot here. No one bosses me around anymore, the house is everyone

Then, the comedian asked her youngest daughter to return the shoes that the athlete had lent her to exercise, and that she was wearing at that moment.

Virginia: Take off those sneakers please

Delfina: You can’t talk bolud*, I’m telling you to let me talk

Virginia: Thank you Virginia for lying to me so much, go ask Magolla to leave you here. Thank you for telling me what you really think of me.

Virginia: If you only knew. When you come out, you’re going to see who lied to you

Fury: Take the sneakers, put them in your hole*

Virginia: No, you’re going to mess with it. You are the rude dear

Fury: This is unbearable. Liar forra. The first time you give a share of affection, they give you shit

Finally, Delfina went to the room to cry while Virginia Demo and Furia Scaglione stayed nearby, attentive in case a new argument broke out.

What happened between Fury and Arturo in Big Brother

Juliana “Furia” Scaglione once again generated repudiation for an attitude with Arturothe dog that entered Big Brother (Telefe) in mid-April to meet with the participants.

In X a video of Rage in the middle of the game with his teammates, running towards a microphone to sing, already Arthur behind her.

The animal became desperate when he saw her run, since he is a puppy and wants to play, and when he started to jump on her, Juliana kicked him. (Video

The attitude of Rage generated repudiation on the network and users requested his immediate expulsion from Big Brother: “Will Santiago del Moro continue to cover it up?”, “Big Brother has become anything if this is not a direct expulsion,” “This is animal abuse, I don’t know what the fucking limit is for them to remove her,” expulsion? I mean, because it has already been sanctioned for thousands”, “It has already exceeded the limits”.


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