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The Fifa boss dismisses threats of legal action: – A pointless debate


Fifa president Gianni Infantino defends the expansion of the Club World Cup. Photo: Sakchai Lalit / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 18.05.2024 13:40:28

Sport: Recently, Infantino received a letter with a clear message that the scheduling in football has reached a saturation point. The sender was an interest organization for professional leagues from all over the world and the players’ association Fifpro.

In the letter, Fifa is notified of a possible lawsuit if action is not taken and changes are made to the plans for an expanded Club World Cup from 2025.

Infantino’s response came from the podium at Friday’s congress in Bangkok.

– Fifa organizes one or two percent of the top clubs’ matches. The few percent finance football throughout the world. So I hope these numbers stop this futile debate, which is really pointless, so that we can concentrate on what we have to do, said the Fifa president.

– Our mission is to organize competitions and develop football throughout the world. 70 percent of you who are member states of Fifa, would not have football without the funds that come directly from Fifa, Infantino added.

Fifa has defended itself against the criticism by showing that the World Cup model takes into account the health of the players.

“The dates have been set to ensure they harmonize with the international fixture schedule and allow sufficient time between the tournament finals and the start of the season in many leagues,” it said in a statement from earlier this month.

– We are about to reach a tipping point. The feedback we get from the players is that too much football is played.

Next season there will also be a new format in the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League. All of Uefa’s three club tournaments are expanded to 36 teams.

The new concept for the Club World Cup will result in 32 participating teams compared to the current seven. The championship has been added to the USA in June and July next year. The critics believe it damages the leagues financially and pushes the players “beyond all limits”.

The World Leagues Association has backed down from threats of a potential lawsuit against Fifa. The organization has Premier League boss Richard Masters as chairman, and he recently said the following about the situation:

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